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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Good News of Mother's Day

Funny, how when you're a mom, being in the shower can spark great inspiration!  Finally, all the cares and duties of motherhood seemingly washing down the drain with the yuck of the day.  I had that moment, this morning!  I was inspired to write a wonderful blog about Jesus being the center of Mother's Day, about the refreshing calm of His grace, about the One who truly lived sacrificially.

And then I realized I had only 30 minutes to get ready for church, make sure my children were ready, and that we all looked our best, because it's Mother's Day, and what better way to say it, than with a pristine looking family!

And after church, there was the ceremonious Mother's Day lunch, where I had to make a decision that all would love.  And finally, the end all be all, constant answer to "What do you want?"
Do you want to know what I replied?
Are you sure?  It may not look too Christ centered...

"I've already said what I wanted for Mother's Day, so if that's not going to happen, please stop asking."

I mean it came nice and calm, and I get some "mom" points for not yelling, right?

So, what went wrong?  I'm not sure, really.  I wonder if we are missing the point somewhere.  I know I've heard many men, including my man, say that we shouldn't just honor moms one day a year, or our wives just one day a year, but that it should be done through out the year.  That's definitely true, I agree with that wholeheartedly.  But let's be honest, that doesn't happen, and so having a special day marked out to celebrate special people, can be a good thing.

But that doesn't really deal with my heart.  And in my heart, I know that what I was inspired to write earlier, and now feel some contempt for, is that Jesus is and should be at the center of Mother's Day.    

But we continue to leave Him out.

Well, I know I have anyways.  How is that even possible?  I go to church on Mother's Day, I pray for moms, I encourage moms, I still take a gospel stance in disciplining my children on Mother's day.  But where's my heart in all of that?

Let's think about it this way:
What happens when/if my children or spouse forget that it's Mother's day?
How do I feel when my kids disobey on Mother's day (and I mean big time disobey)?  Or if they are completely disrespectful or talking back or bickering with their siblings?
What is my response to having a day that looks like all other days, when it's supposed to be a special day for me?

We typically think (or at least I do, please don't leave me hanging out here alone) just one day, don't I deserve to have obedient children?  Don't I deserve a day where I don't have to play mediator?  Don't I deserve to get what I really wanted?  Why does my family always forget about me?  Why can't I just have one day?

And this was my heart.
There aren't enough frowny emoticons to really depict the sorrow I feel for being so selfish.

The truth is, I don't deserve anything.  I can't expect a sin free day while living in a sin filled world, living in a sinful body.  As a believer in Christ, I know that what I truly deserve is the wrath of God for my sins.
And the greatest gift of all is that debt has been paid

That is what I want for Mother's day.  To be reminded that I didn't earn a free day.  I haven't lived selflessly enough to earn me a day of being selfish.  I haven't worked enough training my kids right, that I've earned a day where my expectations are greater that God's.  I want to remember Jesus today, that He is the center of everyday, not me or my kids or anyone person.  I want to remember that His grace enough for me when I am selfish, for my kids when they sin and for my husband.  I want to remember the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for me, a mother.  Media and society tells us that moms are the most sacrificial people, giving up their whole lives for their children.  But where does the capacity to give up your life come from?  I'll honestly admit I do not possess the will power in and of myself to always live sacrificially, not even for my children who I love dearly.  Any sacrifice I have ever made, has only been a grace of God to me, through the strength of His spirit in me.  That I have only been able to receive because of the true sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The good news of Mother's Day, is that isn't about me.  I don't have to be a perfect mom, or a super mom, or a tiger mom.  Where I have failed, where I still fail, and where I will fail in the future is covered.  Not because of me or anything I can do to make it right.  The good news of Mother's Day is Jesus.  How can I make a day, everyday, about Him?

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Hard to get an honest perspective on this Hallmark holiday. Especially when it's so easy to beat ourselves down for not being super mom.