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Isaiah 43:1

"But now, thus says the Lord, your Creator, O Jacob, and He who formed you, O Isreal, "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!"

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Dance

Come to Me

Come to Me, my love
Hide away in Me, my love

Chosen for me before you were born,
I called you by name, you are Mine, you're My own
Come take My hand I'll be with you through the flame
Return back to Me, I'll clothe you in My name
Come purchase from Me garments of righteousness
And gold refined in the fire of My holiness

Ransomed from death, washed from your sin
With the blood that I shed so you may live again

Come to Me, my love
Hide away in Me, my love

I'm preparing a place that is made for you
Though I've gone away I will return for you soon

Come away with Me, my love
Hide away in Me, my love

Imagine Cinderella's reaction when the prince wanted to do nothing more than dance with her. Of all the women in the entire kingdom, she was the one he wanted to be with. Like she was made precisely for him. All she had ever known was the cruellity of the world, living in rags, and being told she was nothing. She must have felt fear, what if he saw her for who she really was, a step-child? She must have felt condemned, how could she ever measure up to his royalty, she lived in rags? And yet we all know the story, he felt so connected to her that he searched for her through out the whole kingdom, he had become madly in love with her.

Can you imagine dancing with the Lord? I know it sounds silly, but why not? While writing the above song, I wanted so much to convey God's love for me. How do I protray that in music, not just with lyrics, but with an entire song? It was almost like a scene out of a Jane Austin story. He came to me held out His hand and said, "Dance with Me." The dashing British gentleman, me a penniless female (Cinderella). But the difference is that unlike these fictional characters, I am unworthy of such a love. My story is more like Hosea, I am Gomer who is a prostitute, who is so undeserving of the love that is lavished on her. But still God holds out His hand to me. He wants to bring me in close to Him, to dance with Him, to be with Him, to abide in Him. And as things seem to spin I am grounded in Him, He leads I follow, He holds me steady, and somehow I am changed. I become His bride, pure and spotless, I am beauty, I am grace, I am all that He has seen in me from before the beginning.

Lyrics from:
We Will Dance
Steven Curtis Chapman

We will dance
When the sun is shining
In the pouring rain
We'll spin and we'll sway
And we will dance
When the gentle breeze
Becomes a hurricane
The music will play
And I'll take your hand
And hold you close to me
And we will dance

Sometimes it's hard to hold you tight
Sometimes we feel so far apart
Sometimes we dance as one
And feel the beating of each others hearts

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John said...

that would be pretty cool. i bet the Lord is a wonderful dancer:)