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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The School at Home

This was Caeli on her first day! It was an adjustment those first few days, trying to find a good rhythm. Now that we are in our second week, we are finally smoothing out!

Alyvia has been eager to get started from the beginning. She has enjoyed her workbooks, but doesn't like having to wait her turn to learn.

This is my small corner. I have the desk so I can take the laptop and work if I want or need to. So far, I haven't found anytime to do that!

The keyboard was added to the room, my plan is to add some music lessons to the day. But I have decided to wait to till we get a little more accustomed to our new routine. Too many adjustments at once can overwhelm me, much less the girls

I didn't want to make the classroom too boring. I want to encourage the girls to play and learn at the same time. In the closet is all of the toys and games.

This was Caeli's first science experiment. Nothing too indepth, but she was so excited to be doing it! So far she loves her science book.

Caeli's books. I decided to not stick with one set unit, but to get different books from different styles. Most of the books follow either a classical or Charlotte Mason style of teaching. I love it! It is more reading and less workbook. It requires more thinking and narration.

Alyvia's books! Rod and Staff pre-k curriculum. These are simple workbooks, but she is learning so much from them, mostly to slow down!


Pastor Travis & Jessica said...

Looks AWESOME!!! I know we are LOVING homeschooling and it definetely looks like you guys are too! Have a FANTASTIC year!!

Traci said...

Wow!!! I'm amazed by home-schooler Moms! So many of my friends do it. You're pretty amazing for taking on such a feat! =)

Melinda said...

Pretty amazing, or pretty crazy! I haven't decided yet! ;)

Jessica, I hope you guys are having a good year so far! What type of books or curriculum are you using?