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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This and That Tuesday: Homeschool, Worksheets, and Making Education Fun

So, today I was looking for some worksheets that Caeli and Alyvia can do on those days that we just can't get to our actual school work. And I ran across this website with free printables and a lot of other resources!

I also looked at these websites with affordable workbooks:

School Zone

Beaver Books

I am always on the lookout for additional resources so that the girls don't get bored with doing the same things all the time.

With it being a rainy day, and being stuck indoors, I am reminded that winter is just around the corner, and we will soon be feeling the effects of cabin fever! So, now I'm on to look for creative ways to exercise and get moving inside the house...

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wiffleball_legend said...

Dance, Dance Revolution for the Wii or Wii Fit!!